Little Things

A 3D printed, hand-crafted, stop-motion animation for Greenpeace Australia’s Forests Campgain, to help shine the light on Australia’s mostly hidden deforestation crisis.

To create the animation within a short production schedule, a replacement animation technique was adopted. This involved Dropbear working with 3D animator Duncan MacDonald, who modelled and built the animal characters using CGI. Once the animated sequences were approved, each frame was 3D printed and hand painted. (There were 77 individual 3D printed models used in the production). Each 3D printed model represented an individual frame of animation that were then shot on set using stop motion animation.

All the sets were hand crafted using traditional model making techniques and then brought to life using different lighting states and special effects such as haze. Cinematographer; Cesar Salmeron Hoving ACS, shot the spot with a probe lens to lend a sense of real-world scale to the models and sets, facilitating dynamic shots that immersed viewers in the miniature world.
Client: Greenpeace @greenpeaceap
Producer (Greenpeace): Bianca Vitale @biancavitale__

Production Company:
Photoplay / Playtime
Executive Producer:
Oliver Lawrance @oli_photoplay
Director: Dropbear
Cesar Salmeron Hoving ACS @cesar_salmeron_dp

Music & Sound Post:
Sonar Music @sonarmusicofficial
Original Composition:
Jackson Milas @jacksonmicomilas
Sound Design:
Andy Stewart @andyistewart

Additional SFX Editing:
Joel Dias @joel__dias
3D Animator:
Duncan Macdonald @duncan3d
3D Printer:
Bob K Shea

Set Builders:
Seamus Spilsbury @seamus.spilsbury & Peter Hanrahan
Model Painters:
Peter Hanrahan & Jonathan Chong

Stop Motion Animation:
Jonathan Chong & Cesar Salmeron
Post Production:
Dropbear Digital