This promo for Husky sees the band entering a dreamlike and surreal Day of the Dead inspired realm.
Director Jonathan Chong was inspired by the song’s evocative lyrics.
“The idea came from my interpretation of the song. I wanted to do something relating to ghosts and spirits and thought that a Day of the Dead theme would tie in nicely. The icons and imagery associated with the Day of the Dead festival are really colourful and bold, which gives the animation the vibrancy I was aiming for, whilst also having some dark undertones. It’s a celebration of the departed in a way that is joyous, rather than a morbid celebration. The clip is animated as though each frame has been made from cross-stitch or a Mexican textile.” – Jonathan Chong, Dropbear.

Director Dropbear
Artwork Jonathan Chong
Animation Clem Stamation
Live action photography Jonathan Chong
Makeup Rachel Clutterbuck