Lipton Kombucha 

‘It’s for everyone now’

Combining stop motion animation, live action and in-camera hand-crafted tricks

These four spots for Lipton Kombucha were a mixture of live action, stop motion, in-camera lighting effects and budgie puppeteering. The beard was custom made in different sections and then animated in reverse but cutting sections off one frame at a time. We had a rig that the talent could lean up against to keep him still throughout the sequence. 

The Baby goats were surprisingly easy to work with and were quite happy to be standing on ‘higher ground’. The homebrew set was also animated in reverse so that we could end on the perfect setup.   

Directed by Dropbear
Agency DDB Sydney
Creative Directors
Tim Woolford & Tommy Cehak
Agency ProducerNatalie Greaves
Executive Producer Oliver Lawrence
Producer Tom Slater
Production ManagerAlicia Rashleigh Butler
1st AD Niki Long
Director of Photography Simon Higgins
Production Design Alex Holmes   
Stop motion animationJonathan Chong
Post production White Chocolate